• Has your court been neglected?
• Is it suffering from wear and tear?
• Does it need restoring to its former glory?
• Perhaps the surface has become discoloured and the lines less visible.
• Maybe there are deposits of moss and algae making the surface slippery and reducing porosity.

It would be foolish to ignore these faults and allow further deterioration. In time, lack of attention will demand an entirely new surface.

This can be avoided if you take early action to stop the rot.

Your court is a valuable asset, both to you and your property. Providing your court is still structurally sound, we can return it to first class condition by some of the following measures:
• Pressure cleaning with fungicide treatment.
• Surface screeding and general repairs.
• Resurfacing.
• Fencing repairs.
• Polyurethane resin coatings for prolonging macadam life.
• Colour Coating and Lining.
• Annual maintenance.