Tennis Court Maintenance

Annual maintenance is essential for pro-longing the life of your tennis court. 

The single most import thing for your tennis court is a annual moss treatment! If you do nothing else, even if you don’t play have your court treated once a year. The moss is so destructive to the surface and physically forces the macadam apart, when you come to clean it the underlying macadam can be totally ruined. I have seen courts well looked after at 20 years old, requiring painting but nothing else, but others needing a full resurface after less than ten years because of lack of maintenance .

Keep leaves off the court in the winter time, if you have time, have the court blown off on a regular basis Remember after you have finished playing, slacken of the net a little, it reduces the strain on the posts.

A simple tip : If you use two bungee straps to lift the net off the court it saves the net from damage .

If you need any advice, please use the contact form or call me, Richard Mitchell 07973182877

 annual maintenance on a tennis court in Wadhurst
Annual Maintenance a tennis court in Wadhurst after annual maintenance