We use a process during tennis court restoration to ensure the finish on your court is up to the highest standards possible.

  • Clean off the Moss and Algae build up
  • Make repairs as required
  • Refurbish posts if required
  • Repair fencing if required
  • Mask all the brick edging/fencing
  • Mark out and paint the lines
  • Take up all masking and and allow the paint to fully harden before play, we recommend 4 to 5 days
    Inspect the court with client
  • We would then leave recommended annual maintenance for the court which we can carry our for an additional cost.  For details please see out annual maintenance

Astroturf lining

If required apply a polyurathan binder over entire surface area
Apply 3 coats by airless spray, a water based sand acrylic anti slip paint (to LTA standards) both inner and outer court sections, Data sheets can be provided.Colours of your choice