Tennis courts, like any part of your home or car take a serious hit when winter rolls around with a drop in temperatures, ice and rain. Like most investments, your tennis court will last longer and look beetter as long as you care for it properly. This means performing essential maintenance tasks year-round.

Preparing your tennis court for the colder months is simple, once you research and acquire the proper supplies ( Or call us in).Maintain your tennis court with these 5 steps:

1. Remove and store windscreens– If you have a fence with windscreens on it, now is the time to remove them. Fold the screens and store them in a dry, safe area. This step will protect them from wear and tear.


2. Lower or remove tennis nets– If you don’t expect to play tennis this winter, take down any tennis nets and store them inside. If you plan on playing as long as possible and want to skip this step, lower the nets so they’re under less pressure. Raising them for a quick game on a warm winter day is a simple.


3. Clean leaves, moss and other debris from the court – Remove leaves, branches, moss,dirt and other debris from the tennis court. Failing to do so may result in stains, mildew and moss that could hinder the look and quality of your court.


4.Tackle stains before winter hits– The autumn is the perfect time to address any stains on the tennis court. Grab a soft brush, cleaning solution and gently brush away the stain.


5. Repair cracks and holes– Seal and repair any existing cracks, holes or issues. Snow and ice will exacerbate the problem, causing cracks to expand and develop into even worse and more costly blemishes.

With a little bit of TLC, your tennis court will remain beautiful and functional for decades. Annual maintenance should be a routine part of caring for your court, and as you can see – it’s the perfect project for a Saturday afternoon.

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Caring for your tennis court
Caring for your tennis court, Court solutions performing tennis court cleaning by power washing