Available Services, What we can do for you

At Court Solutions South East use a process during repair or restoration to ensure the finish on your court is up to the highest standards. We specialise in tennis courts but the surface is also used on Basketball courts, Netball courts and other outdoor courts. If you require any of the items listed below please contact us here

Court Cleaning

inspect Clean off the Moss and Algae build up, remove the court furniture, power wash the court, sweep up the loose leaves and debris from the top of the court. re- inspect.

Court Repairs

Make repairs as required, to macadam courts. after cleaning the court the suggested repairs would come from our second inspection which you are more than welcome to join us on.

Court Fencing

replace or Refurbish posts if required. Making sure the footings are secure is the important bit here. without good footing or foundations the fence and posts will not last. repair or Repair any fencing weather it be metal or wooden  if required


Mark out and paint the lines, or paint or spray the whole court to the colour of your choice. for painting we recommend getting this completed during the warmer months for better adhesion to the macadam and better longevity.

Annual Maintenance

This is a service we recommend to all of our customers to help prolong the life of your tennis court.  We would then leave recommended annual maintenance for the court which we can carry our for an additional cost.  For details please see out annual maintenance