Most hard tennis courts are made up of a open textured macadam, normally laid between 30 to 50mm in depth, laid on top of 14mm stone allowing it to be a free draining surface. Therefore playable for most of the year. Maintenance of this type of court is essential  even on brand new courts. Moss is a major problem and should never be allowed to gain a foothold. The moss as it grow forces the macadam apart and when you come to clean it macadam comes out, in extreme cases  I have seen courts completely ruined  because of the simplest maintenance program.
A macadam moss infected tennis court
A moss infected macadam tennis court
To tackle this problem we have a very close relationship with a company who specialise in moss treatment and guarantee it for year. Another problem we encounter a lot is the close proximity of trees to the  tennis court Here are Some examples of macadam tennis courts we have refurbished.